Gauteng Storage

About Storage Facility:

Come visit us to see where it all happens! Our onsite facilities consist of 25,000 m2 of designated areas for warehousing, storage and auctioning.

We store and secure any type of MOVABLE assets ranging from furniture to vehicles and earth moving equipment. The premises are monitored and protected by 24-hour on-site security guards, electric fencing and armed response. Our state-of-the-art systems guarantee accurate and reliable inventory taking and the detailed tracking of stored items.

Storage Specifications:

Consisting out of 25,000 m2 of land, neatly divided into different sections of warehousing, storage and auction floor, we have the capacity to store and secure almost any type of MOVABLE asset ranging from furniture to fleets of trucks and vehicles. Inspections are done on a regular basis to ensure that our warehouses and storerooms are pest free consequently preventing damage to valuable items.

Storage Type Size
Truck Parking 10 000 m2
Office Space 1 220 m2
Storage 2 000 m2
Covered Parking 910 m2
Containers 410 m2
Storage 1 260 m2


Our premises are monitored and protected by 24 hour onsite security guards. Store rooms and warehouses are locked and secured at all times and all necessary precautions are taken to minimise potential risks. Our storage facility is secured with electrical fencing, security cameras, as well as armed response.


All of our assets are insured from the moment it is loaded into our trucks, to the moment it is sold. Our comprehensive insurance policy for vehicles provides protection for vehicles in transit and also covers fire, theft and other damages. Clients requiring protection of their interests can enjoy peace of mind through our 24-hour insurance cover in the event of after-hours attachment of assets, particularly motor vehicles.


Our insurance brokers:

Mirrin Business Risks (Pty) Ltd

Contact person: Mark Rhodda

Contact number: 086 181 0000



Securing Assets

We assist liquidators and trustees by securing the assets of an estate by placing security guards at a property or by removing the assets and placing it in our warehouses or yard for safekeeping. Necessary precautions are taken to ensure that items are not damaged when transported by using protective covering.


Preparing Assets

Assets are prepped in order to be in a presentable condition before placed on auction. We have developed a sophisticated computerised system that guarantees accurate and reliable inventory taking and also enables us to track and provide specific details on stored items. A comprehensive report regarding the assets is submitted to the liquidator/trustee and if required, a formal valuation report is obtained.


Handle, Remove & Store

We are able to handle, remove and store any type of earthmoving and heavy equipment with ease. Farming includes harvesting, dairy farming, cattle, livestock as well as game farming. Our locksmith facilities are available at all times for use in the event of after-hours entry for asset removals. Handyman services are also available for small repairs and maintenance of assets.

Our firm has been on the auctioneering panel of all major
financial institutions for many years:



Van's Auctioneers has all the necessary implements to handle light to industrial removals with ease, in the rare event that we need additional assistance we make use of trusted subcontractors.


We have assembled a diverse group of qualified and experienced personnel who run the storage yard with military accuracy. This highly motivated team ensures that day to day operations run smoothly and rapidly.

Contact Details:

Van's Auctioneers' head office is situated at 36 Gemsbok Street, Koedoespoort Industrial, Pretoria.

Van's Auctioneers (Main Warehousing Facility)

36 Gemsbok Street, Koedoespoort Industrial, Pretoria, 0186

012 548 1748

012 548 1747