Auction Procedure - Buyers

Before You Bid

  • Have you registered as a buyer?
  • Did you take your bidding number?
  • Make sure you have the commission plus 15% VAT over and above the purchase price of your purchase (the percentage in commission differs from 6% - 7.5%).
  • Take note that there is a confirmation period.
  • You will be liable to pay transfer fees and/or VAT.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions or for advice.
  • Remember you are legally bound by your bid.

How To Bid

  • Register as a bidder. This is compulsory in order to bid.
  • Address all queries, questions and request for advice before the commencement of the auctions. Please feel free to speak to Vans representatives and the auctioneer on duty.
  • Make eye contact with the auctioneer for him / her to acknowledge your bid.
  • Call out your bid if necessary and attract the auctioneer's and or floor assistant's attention.
  • Remove yourself from the bidding by shaking your head "no" or saying "no" if the auctioneer turns your way.
  • Remember, you are legally bound by your bid.

What Not To Do At An Auction

  • Bid if you have no money to make the purchase or have not made proper financial arrangements to purchase.
  • Bid if you are not registered as a bidder.
  • Bid if you are not fully acquainted with or do not understand all the conditions of sale.
  • Be intimidated by other bidders as they may be trying to put you off bidding.
  • Be shy to ask questions.
  • Hesitate or procrastinate when bidding because you may lose the deal.
  • Lose your bidders card. If you do, report it lost immediately.

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