Founded in 1964, Vans Auctioneers has become the auction house of choice in South Africa and one of the oldest and most highly valued company. We are known for our unrivalled service excellence, reliability and honesty during the 50 years that we have served our diverse client base.
Special Auctions
Liquidation Sale of landmark property!! Wigwam hotel with great facilities and 46 stand in Brigadoon Golf & Country Estate 2015-12-01more...
Excellent opportunity to acquire a top property in a Liquidation Sale!! Tenders invited for CIDA City Campus with amazing improvements in Lyndhurst, Sandton area, Johannesburg 2015-12-03more...
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Wigwam Hotel on Liquidation Sale!!
On this very exciting tender we will offer the entire hotel with all facilities, as well as 46 unimproved stands in the Brigadoon Golf & Country Estate in the Rustenburg area.


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